One of the chief goals of the centre is to provide scouts in Rustavi with facilities for their indoor and outdoor activities as well as a permanent office to deal with all administrative matters of the organization. The buildings are designed for this purpose. The centre is also available to other youth groups in Georgia, e.g. from the capital Tbilisi, and as a location for special events (training courses, seminars, planning weekends, etc.) In addition, the International Scout Centre Rustavi generates income by renting its facilities to third parties: The centre can be used by school and university groups as well as non-governmental organizations looking for a venue for residential study weeks and meeting. The centre offers overnight accommodations for tourists, groups and individuals.

Current activities ISCR

ScoutMe - Online Scout School

Hello everybody!

We have great news!

We have won grant project from "Prodemos" and we are planning to launch online scout school.  We have started creating online school for kids and youngsters who spend most of their time at home. At the moment we are shooting some video trainings and workshops about Hobby Education, Scouting, Leadership skills and so on.

There will be 3 segments in our projects. One of them is creating videos of scout techniques (How to build tripod, set up tent, how to make knots and etc. )

Second part is creating training videos about leadership, time management, creative thinking and etc.

Project Manager: Giorgi Chapichadze

Senior Project Manager: Data Tsiklauri