On October 29, volunteers from Kvemo Kartli travelled to Tsalka Municipality, to see Dashbashi canyon and visit village Bediani. There, attractive workshop about animation and painting was introduced for local children. After several hours of activities, their enthusiasm, effort and work was rewarded by tasty hamburgers and Kaiserschmarren. The activity was organised by International Scout Centre Rustavi within the project "Georgian Volunteer".

During 6-17 of Octomber ISCR is hosting Erasmus + project."TC is focused on concept of the social entrepreneurship in general with specific attention on entrepreneurial skills, leadership and management, need and problem analysis and funding and financing. Those topics will be explored in the context of youth organizations, will be discussed the present conditions in each participant country and the best practices. Project aims at exploring the concept of social entrepreneurship as an innovative way to solve social problems in youth work using entrepreneurial skills.