Sunday, May 14, 2017

“ACTifitti '' is a one week-long (May 8-15) Youth Exchange,which took place at ISCRbrings together groups of young people from 6 countries (Georgia, Belorus, Armenia, Sweden, Czech Republic and Latvia), providing them with the opportunity to increase their knowledge and basic skills in the topic of social activism and active participation, to share the skills connected to Art and to use Street Art for promoting the civil rights.

Friday, April 28, 2017

CCP (Caucasus Cooperation Project) came into existence in 2003 and since then lots of people have benefited from it. CCP is an association of active and older Swiss and Georgian observers. The main purpose of the CCP is to promote the scouts movement in Georgia.
     Between the dates 27-30 April,2017 one of CCP's project took place in ISCR. The main aim of the project was to share the Swiss scout experience with Georgian leaders-to-be. The training were mainly focused on the leadership skills,that include communication,decision-making,planning and organizing activities. 21 participants were from the different regions of Georgia,so they could share their knowledge and get to know each other better. Beside the trainings,participants were taking place in outdoor activities in order to improve the social skills with both,Georgian and Swiss scouts.