One of the chief goals of the centre is to provide scouts in Rustavi with facilities for their indoor and outdoor activities as well as a permanent office to deal with all administrative matters of the organization. The buildings are designed for this purpose. The centre is also available to other youth groups in Georgia, e.g. from the capital Tbilisi, and as a location for special events (training courses, seminars, planning weekends, etc.) In addition, the International Scout Centre Rustavi generates income by renting its facilities to third parties: The centre can be used by school and university groups as well as non-governmental organizations looking for a venue for residential study weeks and meeting. The centre offers overnight accommodations for tourists, groups and individuals.

Current activities ISCR

"Scout Education Program"

Dear friends,we have great news.
 Our Center was implementing a pilot program named "Scout Education Program" at Rustavi schools №3 №23.
The aim of the program was to introduce the scouting for young people, strengthening informal education elements in the school and interested in children by the methodology of Scouting Teaching.
 The program included students of almost all ages of schools.
Including children from 1 to 5 grades, were able to receive a variety of thematic sessions once a week,Which are created specifically for the program.
 We wish success to young people involved in the program and hope that we will continue to cooperate with them soon.